Sergei Grinko

Sergei Grinko Women Spring Summer 2016



This collection from Sergei Grinko was fresh and cool, a youthful show in diverse silhouettes.

An all white look opens the collection, a sheer turtleneck over a white bandeau and wide legged white pants. Black, white and bright yellow were popular colors in this collection, met by a few looks in pale grey, light green and delicate green. Short-sleeved collared shirts, left open or hanging low over wide shorts appeared between the sometimes cropped turtlenecks.

Pop culture symbols grace tops in the form of macabre smiley faces, fingers making the peace sign, and “# Minaj # Miley”. Several pieces feature a round, cape-like shape that adds a distinct silhouette to the pieces, ranging from wide-legged pants to strapless dresses layered over other items. A few pairs of slinky pajama bottoms paired with a revealing silken robe, left open with the tie crossing over the chest and tied around the waist. Parachute inspired looks ended the show, with flowing pieces that seemed to fly behind the models, strapped at the shoulders.

Small, structured bags in multiple colors accessorized a few looks. There is a skater-punk feel to the collection, with a scattering of sexy, luxe pieces, emphasized by details such as point toe stilettoes in stark white and bright yellow.


Sergei Grinko Women Spring Summer 2016

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Written by Lillie Peterson

Lillie is a graduate from UC Santa Barbara with a bachelor's in Classics and a lifelong fascination for fashion and art. A freelance writer and artist, her hobbies include photography, design, drawing and blogging.

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