Victoria Beckham

Spring-Summer 2015 – Hype for Victoria Beckham’s new shoe line reached critical point as the first model sauntered down the catwalk in gorgeous black chunky platforms, followed by trim white ankle boots, and the spotlight shone on white elven style boots with a point trimmed with black and brown.

With the shoes at this level of quality, then the clothes were not far behind. Victoria Beckham chose to keep the colour palette neutral, with tones of beige and cream linen spotted with monochromatic pieces of white and black.

Strategically placed pockets added interest to the beautifully tailored beige jackets and dresses, whilst a geometric stripe print at first stayed simple – staying near the hem – but then ventured out into a fantastic art-inspired graphic print which encompassed an entire floor length gown. Diverging from minimal, later looks travelled into a more sophisticated territory, with artfully placed stripes and blocks of colour and pattern.


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