Hervé Léger by Max Azria

Spring-Summer 2015 – Had everyone attended the wrong venue, or was this really Hervé Léger’s show? First thoughts for many were likely that, as the first look shown featured bright neon pink, with flickering gold plates that responded to the models movement, almost transforming her into a fish. The departure from monochromatic bandage dresses is a refreshing one, taking the trope into new territory.

A seamless collection ranging from black LBD’s scattered with sequins blinking in the light of the stage lighting, to beige evening wear interspersed with blinding yellow and pink sequins and fabric. Models could have been likened to warriors in the way decorative embellishment was symmetrically woven in tune of the wearer’s body.

Alas, Hervé Léger continued to update its infamous bandage dress, with many featuring thin bands filled with coloured pattern creating strong silhouettes formed from the gaping sleeves and layered hems.



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