Pringle of Scotland

Spring-Summer 2015 – Pringle of Scotland’s collection featured designs in colours of crisp white to deep indigo, especially focussing on blocking colours. Mini skirts were a key feature of the collection, joined with sheer, luxury sweaters. The soft, feminine look created by the pale cashmere sweaters were counteracted by the presence of leather, darker colours and Three Dimensional textiles. In addition, these aspects of the fashion line, alongside the occasional use of repetitive print, modernised the tone of the collection. The combination of elegant sweaters with clean white skirts and tailored trousers, presented a clean, smart appearance.


Leather peep-toe ankle boots in shades of white and black added a Rock-and-Roll chic vibe to the collection. Models wore natural make-up and hair was slicked back smartly, in order to enhance the clean, smart look.

Hair & Make up


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Written by Kate Grimbley-Smith

Kate is a Business Management student at the University of Birmingham, passionate about all areas of journalism, in particular fashion with a keen eye for how the traditional aspects of fashion are reflected in new collections.

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