Narcisco Rodriguez

Spring-Summer 2015 – You could argue it was playing it safe with using a particularly strict colour palette of monochromatic black and white with mere hints of colour, but with Narciso Rodriguez it is what works best to show off his usually structured and figure-hugging designs. In this case, his love for clinging dresses abated slightly as he brought in softer, more earthy inspiration directly from nature.

Deceptively simple tailoring showed off the embroidered sweeping fluid lines on asymmetrically cut wispy dresses, and more classic Rodriguez clinging silhouettes utilised layering and a mix of straight and fluid blocks of print to bridge the different themes.

A carefully chosen palette of earthy browns and forest greens and muted natural beige were used to accent the monochromatic majority and aided Rodriguez in masterfully finding a juxtaposition between the strong and powerful structural sexiness he usually encompasses with a more fluid and soft earthiness which created a beautiful elegant minimalism.

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