Calvin Klein Collection

Spring-Summer 2015 – The location for Calvin Klein SS15 was perhaps specifically chosen to contrast the architectural structures of the clothes with the New York skyscrapers seen through the window. The strong silhouettes and structural tailoring with a unique mix of fabrics was a return to what the brand is known for, simple yet sophisticated designs which are impeccably made.

Layering and chopping and bunching created unique forms and profiles obviously inspired by architectural structures. Less focus on more fine detailing meant the choice of colour, silhouette and fabric played a big part, with clean lines and particular use of stripes in conjunction with colour blocking prints and fabrics in collars, pockets and geometric forms.

A select colour palette of rust red, navy blue, dark grey and cream with metallic accents joined to exude a modernist aesthetic. Accessories including sliver thin metallic and co-ordinating belts and clunky, platform boots and transparent heels were the finer details which cemented Calvin Klein as a brand for the on trend, modern woman.


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