Vivienne Westwood

Spring – Summer 2014 – Fashion week is not fashion week without Dame Vivienne Westwood putting her eclectic take on what people should be wearing this coming season and throwing in her usually activist role also. She has an abutment of influences running through the collection and we wouldn’t expect anything less from her either and yet it all works. Call it the Westwood magic, after all the women’s a legend and has been reining the catwalks for decades.

As always we have some punk, 17/18th Century influences, Grecian style dresses and many more all mashed up together, but what shines through as always is that fantastic tailoring what we all love. Nobody does the deconstructed lines quite like the Westwood house; every colour thinkable is in the collection with hints of the Pirate collection too. A beautiful bride inspired finale piece ends the show on the high that it started with. There is no stopping the Queen of British fashion.


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Written by Debbie Hintley

Debbie is a Womenswear Designer who loves every angle of fashion from the origins to the new creations and designers. An avid fan of historical writing and the deconstruction and development of fashion she has worked for leading UK Designers and is passion about more fashion labels being produced within Britain.

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