Autumn-Winter 2014/15 – By far, one of the most creative lines on the runway for this autumn/winter collection.

The line focuses on the idea of cartoons and trademark food. Handbags in the shape of snack boxes, blazers with the McDonalds ‘M’ on the back yet stating ‘Moschino’ and animal print different from before, forget leopard print, now is the time for cow print.

This line demands respect with the attitude that secretes from every item of clothing that appears; the trademark name against belts, flat peaks and handbags reminds the audience of the power they hold.

Completely breathtaking in terms of the general idea, the line is imaginative in the way that the cuts and deisgn so f the dresses and outfits accentuate the brand of the chosen trademark. Hershey’s chocolate bar is presented as an overwhelming gown; implying that the bar is as glamourous as the dress itself.

Black and gold, the recurring theme in Moschino’s lines reiterate richness and boldness.


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Written by Amy Evans

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