Emporio Armani

Autumn-Winter 2014/15 – This stunning collection from Emporio Armani brings about the remarkable female image and reiterates her with a masculine edge.

The styles of the outfits replicate similar as seen on Audrey Hepburn back in the day. Figure hugging dresses, shirts and skirts flattering all females have been reborn into the utmost of elegance and class.

The main focus of this line was the oversized bowler hat; originally created for men, when added to the flattering cuts of the pant suits in this collection, smart and sophistication oozes across the catwalk.

The eye is immediately drawn to this hat; which causes us to look at the outfit from the top, down.

Tailored trousers and blazers cover perfectly over the female form whilst also giving it a relaxed feel with the minimal accessories.

There is something for everyone in this collection, LBD’s have a key role against the pant suits and then contrasted against the relaxed, casual-wear; all revolving around the same colour scheme.


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Written by Amy Evans

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