Prada Woman Spring Summer 2017 – The Prada show opened with a simple black look consisting of a cropped tank top and A-line knee length skirt. However, this quickly spiralled into a frenzy of colour and pattern.

There was an obvious step back in time as 70s fever hit the catwalk. The show was overflowing with oranges, browns, blues and yellows. Plaid bomber jackets and blazers were plenteous, as were geometric patterned dresses and skirts. Chinese silk pyjama suits were given a twist in retro prints. Hot pants came in a variety of colours and bralettes were piled upon plain black turtlenecks or striped skirts. There seemed to be an ease about the looks, a sort of gentle encouragement of dressing with emotion, colour and verve.

This was emphasised in the use of feathers, which embellished almost every look. Plumages of whites, mints and purples hemmed the cuffs of sleeves and festooned sandals. They lay across skirts and lined trouser hems. They trimmed shawls and decorated trench coats. They were inescapable yet enjoyable.

Prada Woman Spring Summer 2017


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Written by Emma Kate Hall

Emma is an English student at King’s College London. She loves reading, writing and travelling and hopes to pursue a career in fashion journalism full time after her degree.

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