Prada Man Autumn-Winter 2015-16 – Watching Prada’s outfits on the runway, it becomes difficult to distinguish if this is a menswear or womenswear show. This was exactly what the Italian brand wanted to accomplish for this season: “This first part of the Autumn/Winter 2015 fashion show continues Prada’s analysis of the relationship between men and women.

What are the unexpected possibilities, the various relationships, that may occur between the way men and women can or would dress? The way they represent themselves? This is a subject always under investigation.”

Camel, navy, grey and black linear garments are a perfect symbol of the minimalistic approach of Miuccia Prada.

The Autumn feeling was given only by one electric blue and red plaid knee length coat: beautifully tailored.

The succession of opaque and shiny fabrics often in nylon gave the collection a strong and defined personality.

The women dresses, decorated with delicate ribbons, seem to be designed for cocktail summer evenings more then for freezing winter days.

The show was a perfect example of simplicity, fair and “less is more” philosophy.



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Written by Fabrizia Sbrega

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