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Calvin Klein Man Autumn-Winter 2015-16 – The Calvin Klein Collection season is a perfect combination of classical taste mixed with the desire to experience new design paths.

Zucchelli developed the wardrobe in two main colours : navy and grey in all theirshades.

The designer decides to give a modern turn to the classical lines of his garments.

He introduces a speckled pattern to present a show with a hint of verve. Maxi coats sand blazers are mainly designed with this textile.

The choice of glossy vinyl as one of the main fabrics of this collection represents a step forward for the brand.

Sporty bomber jackets refined with shearling collars become luxurious.

The loose vinyl pants are matched with knitted quality sweaters.  High waisted slim pants are matched with short bombers jackets and classy cadet hats evoking a military theme.

The collection closed by elegant tailored navy suits and a fine  oversize cape.

The Calvin Klein man  holds proudly  rich agendas and wristlets sets.


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