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Marc Jacobs Woman Spring Summer 2017 – Over the last several collections, you might have also come to ask yourself: if there isn’t at least some drama, is it really Marc Jacobs? Tonight’s show would leave you answering that no, without drama it isn’t really Marc Jacobs. Violet lighting illuminated the black stage, while lightbulbs hung at random lengths and puddles ran through the center of the runway, giving the impression of a starry night or a basement rave. Sensationalist and exciting, this collection was lively from top to bottom.

Starting from the top, cotton candy-coloured dreadlocks were piled on each model’s head, adding a good six inches to the profile. Punky jewelry, from nose rings and studded chokers, to crystal pendants and rings bedecked wear high, lacy collars and dramatic sleeves did not. Lacy, frilled negligees over skyscraping, lace-up platforms brought a Lolita vibe to the show, helped along by ribbon neckties and over-the-knee socks. No skirt even broached the topic of meeting a knee, and shorts barely looked at the thighs – but Mr. Jacobs had you (mostly) covered – socks crept up from below the knee to just over it, and some ornate leather boots nearly met those shy skirts. Brightly coloured, fitted jeans came with patchwork decorations, and the occasional satin or leather pants strutted past. Glittery disco dresses, brocade jackets, and funky sweatshirts decorated with the art of Julie Verhoeven – the same artist who decorated the boots – came between military-style pieces and plays on the varsity jacket.

Shoulders were emphasized – in gigot sleeves, ruffled embellishments, and feathers – one cropped jacket a glittering pastel take on the Chanel jacket, with feathered shoulders and matching hair. One look gives the Victoria’s Secret Angels a run for their money: feathers explode from the neck and shoulders of a white sweater, worn over a long pajamas, briefs and over-the-knee sock set. To get to the bottom of it all, every look was paired with towering platforms that elevated the looks, quite literally.

Marc Jacobs Woman Spring Summer 2017


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