Aquascutum Woman Spring Summer 2017 – At London Fashion Week Aquascutum brought, as expected, a collection of trench coats and outerwear, but at this presentation they also brought a sexy edge, and this has received high accolade from those in attendance. With this brand having a signature of trench coats, it was expected that their collection would represent the signature namesake.

This collection displayed their typical luxury items but it had a fresh, new feel. The models glamorously wore the designs, strategically placed around the room in the elegant setting of a British townhouse.

Alongside the signature trench the clothing was sophisticated and sleek, using a range of colours and patterns. Outerwear trench coats were tan or black and these were complimented by black gowns and statement shoes, such as lace up leather heels and blue suede. Other outerwear consisted of blue and grey shades with floral embroidery and gingham Gillet’s. Some models wore lustrous black suits, mesh floral dresses, grey floral knitwear dresses, white blouses and shirt-dresses, and floor-length gowns with floral, bright details.

Harnesses, see-through mesh gowns, leather chokers and leather bras brought new, sexy element to the brands collection. This is unprecedented for the brand, but despite this these additions the collection received high praise from those in attendance.

Aquascutum Woman Spring Summer 2017


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Written by Lorna Barry

Lorna is a recent graduate from Newcastle University. She has a love of fashion, art and travelling and enjoys being creative in any way she can. She loves to keep up to date with fashion and is always on the hunt for her next pair of shoes.

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