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Marc by Marc Jacobs Women Autumn-Winter 2015 – Politics was a clear inspiration within Marc by Marc Jacobs collection, this season, with clear intextuality from varied social movements within history, a strong change from last season’s Spring collection, consisting of pale pastels and a more delicate aura.

The model army marched out with labels of “SUFRAGETTE”, “SOLIDARITY” and “UNITE” in bold primary and secondary colors – a style similar of that to Alexander Rodchenko’s propaganda art – with masculine styled duffle coats to layer over the bold contrasting colors. When the feminity kicked in from floral patterns, these still intertwined with the theme – using a style like William Morris’s patterns of oak leaves.

The front row consisted of Santigold, Alexa Chung and Sarah Sophie Flicker (wearing a fitting slogan t-shirt “WAR ON WOMEN IS OVER”) admiring the knee high leather boots, studded and decorated with straps – a very army feel style going on, along with leather bum bags and harsh eyeliner makeup. With a clear powerful response to what is going on in today’s world, the collection’s ideas are certainly hard ones to present but a sure stand.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Women Autumn-Winter 2015


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