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Spring-Summer 2014  – The Issey Miyake Men collection this season was probably one of the one’s I was most looking forward to seeing. His collections are usually very dramatic and eye-catching, and this season encapsulates this perfectly. There were so many different weirdly abstract patterns, and bold colours. There are patterns which look like they are made entirely of paint splatters, dip-dying, stripes and squares of colour. There is even a pattern which looks like it has been pixelated like the art movement pointillism. This collection was the first by new designer Yusuke Takahashi, and one of his main inspirations was to mix innovation and traditional techniques to create something very eclectic, and keep it very obviously part of the Issey Miyake brand. Almost every single colour has been used. There is blue and red and black and yellow and pink. The clothes themselves are fairly casual, there’s lots of shorts, loose fitting tops and jackets, with just a dabble of smart jackets and matching waistcoats and overcoats. This collection is definitely all about contrast.


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