Haider Ackermann

Spring-Summer 2014 – The first thing I notice about the Haider Ackermann collection for Spring/Summer 2014 is how much of a mixure of different themes it is. There’s a grungy 90’s feel to it, along with pirates and then the models are wearing smoking jackets, and almost everything is made from a satin fabric. There’s a combination of bomber jackets, waistcoats and harem pants ranging from deep maroon to bright mustard yellow. The shiny patterned trench coats are mixed with waistcoats and cravats and all the models are completely covered in tattoos. The scarves and brightly coloured smoking jackets look as thought they came directly from the 1920’s but there is a hugely modern twist, such as putting a leather jacket over the top, or coupling it with skinny trousers of baggy low-crotched ones.


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Written by Kelly Mitchell

Kelly Mitchell, extremely competent and reliable, she is currently in her third year at the University of Lincoln UK, studying Fashion. Kelly is responsible for the Fabrics, Fibers and Leathers sections of our Dictionary

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