Frankie Morello

Spring-Summer 2014 – When looking at the Frankie Morello collection for Spring/Summer the first word that springs to mind is ‘preppy’ with the blazers, ties and straw boaters. These clothes are then adorned with cartoon pictures of burgers and fries and drinks, which is an interesting juxtaposition with the upper class attire. The colour scheme is carefree and frivolous with lots of primary colour as a contrast to the navy, grey and burgundy. There are then lots of prints made up of mundane, everyday objects such as money and food; used in a less obvious way, so it is not immediately apparent what these are made up of. Some of them, especially the ones that are pale blue on a darker blue background look increasingly like art nouveau patterns, like William Morris. These are combined with denim garments to keep it casual, as well as ‘smart’ sportswear; suit jackets with strips and logos similar to letterman jackets.


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Written by Kelly Mitchell

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