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Spring-Summer 2014 – Fendi’s collection this season includes a lot of waterproof trench coats and layering of jackets over jumpers and under coats. Everything is quite casual with the spray painted t-shirts and the leather jackets, and then things seem to get more serious. There are beautiful deep blue tuxedo jackets and trousers. Shirts and ties with suit jackets and rain macs over the top. Combine this with a pair of brogues and a satchel and it becomes more formal. The colour scheme however is quite playful and whimsical. There’s bright yellows teamed with sombre grey suits, cobalt pvc, yellow and bronze snakeskin and of course the checked fabric which covers entire outfits. Some of these garments are quite ordinary but given a Fendi twist.


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Written by Kelly Mitchell

Kelly Mitchell, extremely competent and reliable, she is currently in her third year at the University of Lincoln UK, studying Fashion. Kelly is responsible for the Fabrics, Fibers and Leathers sections of our Dictionary

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