Autumn-Winter 2014/15 – Givenchy.. Givenchy me more!!

This line has a definite sporty theme; even the outline of the runway was a cage as if to mark the outside of a court.

Basketball as the key feature echoes throughout the display either in the shape of the trousers, basketball vests and detailing across all of the items.

The line follows strict rules in the regimented styles of the tailored trousers. The extended edges on the pockets draw attention to the eye whilst at the same leading onto the same touch around the waist on outerwear.

The models cover their faces with hairnets, taken from the netting from a basketball net. Extreme attention to detail has been taken in order to create a functional yet statement range.

Sporty doesn’t have to include tank tops and tracksuit bottoms, it can be as classy as you wish to make it; this line is as good as proof.

[sublimevideo poster=”” src1=”/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/Man-Catwalk-Yourself-Aw14-Givenchy-1.mp4″ width=”” height=””]

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Written by Amy Evans

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