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Autumn-Winter 2012/13 – As popular culture becomes more and more focused on the issues of the world, we are being forced to think about the dangers of global warming. The ice caps are melting, fast, and anyone who watched David Attenborough’s Frozen Planet will know the effect this will have on the rest of the world. Dame Vivienne, who is always one to raise awareness in her catwalk shows, didn’t let this escape her. The Frozen Planet is her inspiration and Neanderthal man is her model, with icicles dripping from their hair and bushy beards. She layers them up with swathing fabrics, scarf collars, turtle neck jumpers, ragged animal fur and hoods and hats. She shows a more formal man as well, reflecting on the arctic explorers of the past. “When they went to the North Pole, some of them wore tweeds! They didn’t have the right clothes.” There were dapper gentlemen in tweed, velvet and the obligatory tartan, waistcoats and tuxedos. A very versatile collection for the everyman.

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Written by Jemma De Blanche

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