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Autumn-Winter 2011/12 – The long square shouldered, short collared jackets that opened the show were boxy to say the least. Miuccia stuck to her minimalist style keeping the colours muted with her dark greys, dark brick red, and black, but created a look from a different time, including sparkly knit t-shirts and polo neck jumpers in purple and black, grey and turquoise, gold and blue and an emerald green. The oversized eighties style jumpers and sixties or seventies style suede jackets and boxy suitcases suggested a fashion through the ages. White jackets that looked like lab coats, cropped trousers just below the knee with glitter sheer socks and track suit style nylon tops leaves a confusion of styles, but somehow they fit.

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Written by Jemma De Blanche

Jemma De Blanche is a fashion and lifestyle journalist with a background in marketing and copy-writing, is in awe of all things creative and loves getting lost in a good book, a beautiful picture or the creativity of new collection. Jemma handles the Fashion in Film pages and the Men's catwalk reviews.

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