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JW Anderson Man Autumn-Winter 2016-17 – Despite Grindr’s flirt with fashion having made the headlines earlier this month, and the designer’s choice to transmit the show live on the app, JW Anderson’s collection was everything but mainstream. Martial Arts and Asian pop culture were at the essence of the designer’s inspirations for AW16.

The designer, known for his clean cut, simplistic approach, had his the references brilliantly executed. His signature play with blurring the line between genders, was transported into the future by the thematic. Cartoony snails and the Bonzo dog (which adorned cigarette packs of the 1920’s), were visible on fur jackets and duffle vests. His cheeky nod to the underground club culture was visible through the perspex studded checkers on the models and long pendants. Fashion’s wunderkind showed us innovative, daring, an entirely new way of dressing the future ‘urban vampire’, his aesthetic decision seemed informed by the power of technology and its many tools that allow us to reinvent our identities.

JW Anderson Man Autumn-Winter 2016-17


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Written by Joanna Uzunova

A freelance fashion and lifestyle columnist, passionate about words and substance. Joanna is also the founder of a Bespoke Personal Styling Consultancy company, through which she exerts her affinity for cultivating personal style.

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