Stéphane Rolland

Spring-Summer 2014 – Experimenting with a wide variety of different shapes and taking ‘colour pop’ to the extreme this season was Stéphane Rolland and his Haute Couture collection.

Epitomising what we’ve come to expect from a Haute Couture collection, sharp tailoring clashed with smooth, floaty drapery and evoked strong images of femininity and power. Furthermore, the combination of the floaty fabric and the sharp, three-dimensional detail added to the collection’s daring, edgy quality.

Despite the fact that the dresses were beautifully sculptured and reflected a clear interest in geometry and architecture,  it was the use of the canary yellow shades that provided the collection with its obvious, stand-out quality. The fact that the series of bright yellow dresses were so beautiful only made Stéphane Rolland’s use of the notoriously difficult colour that extra bit commendable.

With a series of gowns that embodied a real sense of artistry and craftsmanship, Stéphane Rolland’s collection was bold, daring and an absolute sensation. Surely, Haute Couture can’t get much better than this?


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Written by Orla Wallis

Currently in her final year at De Montfort University studying Journalism and Film. With a lifelong love affair with both fashion and the written word, Orla will move to London after she graduates and become a successful fashion journalist

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