Givenchy Menswear Spring-Summer 2016 

This collection provides variety from smart-casual to formal, to the sleek and classic to the fanciful and daring, any man is catered for. Tisci uses a harrowing image of Jesus’s face, from what appears to be his crucifixion on many of the garments used in the show; the large Religious imagery demands the attention of its audience, especially with the contrasting colours of black and white. The image is further repeated, on this occasion as a faded print, resulting in a ghostly, haunting effect. Tisci also contributes a geometric print into the collection, which allows for a more relaxed aesthetic compared to the harrowing religious images. The only real attempts at colour within the collection are different shades of blue. As seen in many other shows this season pinstripes have made an appearance, adding to the demure of some of the suits that make an appearance.

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