Comme des Garcons Homme Plus

Comme des Garcons Homme Plus Menswear Spring-Summer 2016

From the first introduction to this collection one knows this is going to be anything but ordinary; from the yellow wigs, outlandish prints, to the oversized hats and knee length shirts. One of the defining features of the collection is the incompleteness to it, many of the garments are ripped, torn or frayed. The exaggerated jagged edge cutting and the juxtapositioning of the short, torn garments against the longer lengths all add to this incomplete, unfinished, grungier look.

The show begins with Kawakubo daring choice of fox hunting print for many of the pieces, this melancholic print both startles the audience with its garish elements, and the brutal connotations to the slaughter of innocent animals. Yet the subdued colour pattern, create a hazy and reflective atmosphere.

What’s interesting about the collection is the pairing of prints, Kawakubo has decided to pair clashing prints with one another. This is executed by simply styling clashing prints together; like different oriented pinstripes. Or in the design aspect where clashing patterns have been placed on to the garish prints.

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