Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani Women Spring Summer 2016


One of the more stunning pieces of this collection was a silver jacket and matching shorts, which upon closer inspection have a faint pattern of colored stripes. Gauzy silks give a lightness to the collection, in striped ombre blouses and beautifully layered skirts. A blue and white pinstripe organza makes up pants throughout, along with a tailored suit. Red played a key part, visible on nearly every look whether in the form of earrings, a striped jacket or the tulle petticoats of the finishing gowns.

One of the most interesting parts of this collection is the diversity in shape. From tailored jackets, shorts and slacks to full-skirted cocktail dresses with varied bodices from hugging to square, there is an abundance to choose from. Necklines range from deep v’s and asymmetrical, to high round necks and straight across with mild variations to each.

Tassels are a detail throughout, seen roped neckerchiefs hanging around necks to accessorize suits, and wrapped around the chests of strapless dresses. Beaded squares and circles decorate a striped blazer, with slacks belted with an enormous jewel buckle. Ankle straps define the footwear, in the form of maryjane platform sandals with metal tipped toes and rhinestone detailed mesh stilettos to name a few. The collection overall had a feeling of lightness but structure, as though the pieces might hold you in yet feel lighter than air at once.


Giorgio Armani Women Spring Summer 2016

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