Fay Woman Autumn-Winter 2016 – At Fay, models walked to the theme of Americana. Hemlines remained firmly above the knee, waists were cinched in further with chunky belts, and cowboy boots of varying length contained suede inserts.

It held a rather festival feel considering the season it was meant for. Perhaps due to the metres of fringing on flirty leather skirts, and the folksy floral prints on the light dresses. The collection was a mashup of different fabrics –seldom was a confederate style coat comprised of a single material. Collars were lined with velvet and military peacoats were embroidered gold thread.

Suede and denim were the dominant fabrics, yet completed each other well on shirts with floral motifs. The denim itself differed in degrees of rich hues, highlighting the western influences of the collection.

Eveningwear comprised of sequinned shift dresses, yet still maintained the slouchy silhouette established by oversized kitschy knits. Despite the layering the collection retained a breezy vibe, the effect of which was aided by unmeasurable amounts of tassels and ruffles.

Fay Woman Autumn-Winter 2016


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Written by Maria Komba

Fashion Journalism student, with an incessant curiosity to unveil more of the industry. In her spare time Maria is also a fashion illustrator

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