Dsquared2 Women Spring Summer 2016


Bright and sporty, the ‘80’s are again visible in this dazzling collection from Dsquared2. Surfing has clearly had an influence, in the use of neoprene and surfboard ankle leashes over towering heels as well as slicked back hair.

A dark monokini under loose trousers and a harness of bungee cords opened the show, accessorized with large plastic earring in neon green and bungee cord wrapped heels. Monokinis and sparkly bikini tops were seen throughout, paired with the likes of skinny neoprene pants detailed in sequin swirls and a psychedelic blue tie-dye print.

The looks only got brighter, as striped, zip-front  bandage dresses with fluttering pleated trains made their way down the catwalk. Tropical patterns appeared on a short embroidered tent dress, as well as a tattoo-like full body stocking. Puka shells and bright plastic flowers act as statement necklaces, giving the illusion of a ruff on architectural pieces of tight crochet and metal circles woven in spirals down long sleeves and into diamond patterns that brings to mind the Renaissance. Neon fur jackets with linings in contrasting colors bring up the end of the show, over short, tropically patterned dresses and sequined tank tops.



Dsquared2 Women Spring Summer 2016

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Written by Lillie Peterson

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