Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce &  Gabbana Woman Spring Summer 2017 – Dolce & Gabbana was a celebration of all that is Italian – cropped black matador jackets with religious embroideries and sack-like pizza print dresses. The collection was a compendium of Riviera chic.

Shorts were bedazzled with jewels and floral appliqués. Bright orange rosettes sat on gold jackets and oversized pink sequins transformed dresses into underwater sea creatures.

Prints varied enormously, from classic black and white stripes to colourful cocktail and gelato patterns. Some pieces resembled food packaging or adverts, decorated with beautifully painted tomatoes and swirling typography of ‘Tradizionali Spaghetti’. Gingham shirts contrasted floral basques. Metallic leopard print skirts were nestled in betewen pasta print dresses, and underwater sea scenes swam amongst dots, lace and pinstripes.

Large psychedelic sunglasses with vivid green lenses were decorated with sparkles. Fringe swayed from chunky heels and bags resembled traditional drums with pompom beaters. Beautiful pieces adorned the models head. Some with bright dainty floral turbans others with extravagantly jewelled tiaras or rose headpieces.

Dolce &  Gabbana Woman Spring Summer 2017


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