Diesel Black Gold

Diesel Black Gold Women Autumn-Winter 2015 – Diesel Black Gold lives up to it’s brand name, in the A/W15 show – with all the clothing being a solitary color palette of black, grey and navy. The exclusive collection is shown off on all shorthaired models – a plush and swish style, that not just anyone can pull off.

The collection considers oversized and undersized clothing, playing around with the size by matching a large oversized jumper with a short, fitted jacket – an Alice in Wonderland feel.

The majority of the collection is short skirts and dreamy dresses with the occasional ankle-swinging trousers.

The first outfit is a killer – and oversized blazer, covering a dark turtleneck (something that has been very popular over a variety of shows) and a lace dress – the bottom detail popping out of the bottom of thick layering, creating a simple yet mysterious costume. The model, with short hair, looks very androgynous creating a spark of integrity of who can wear the clothing.

Outfits had simple detail; a buckle here, a zip across the breast there – a slightly rock ‘n’ roll meets fashion appeal.

Diesel Black Gold Women Autumn-Winter 2015


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