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Christopher Raeburn Man Autumn-Winter 2016-17 – Raeburn takes, and Raeburn remakes unlike any other. As the inspiration this season was Mongolia and its Nomadic Herders, his waterproofed outerwear and rubber suits, seemed to have found the perfect place to reinvent themselves.

Season after season, wearability continues to run in the veins of the designer and devoted advocate for sustainability. For AW16, he adopted the wilderness of Mongolian plains, and carefully transported it into rich toned, glorious textures that elevated the parka deja-vus from seasons before.

The models, like distant explorers of the unknown, marched in velcro-fastened snow boots form the collaboration with Clark, in duffle coats and anoraks, carrying the fantastic shearling lined backpacks. The versatility of the knitwear, prolonged into the chunky scarves, was prominent and announced itself as the new core piece to carefully select in a man’s wardrobe, thought it was the parka made of shredded snow-camouflage ponchos that made for Raeburn’s true show-stopper.

The palette did not require much commitment, which was not necessarily a bad thing, but rather dotted the collection with a well-curated urban edge.

Christopher Raeburn Man Autumn-Winter 2016-17


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