Autumn-Winter 2015/16 – Moschino collections are always a guarantee of a great show.

The catwalk took place in a  mountain scenario completed by fake snow falling down the audience.

Beautiful models showing their naked bodies embraced by fur coats and accessories. An explosion of colors, prints, different shapes. All the outfits seem to be designed for young trendy boys and girls with a hint of  typical Moschino humour.

Sobriety does not belong to this great runaway: foxtails hanging from bags and backpacks, shiny padded jackets, floral prints on masculine bodies, bright shades are only few examples of this eclectic entertainment.

Moschino introduces his label on fury moon boots and unshanka hats. Men are challenged to wear animal print garments, shiny pink gloves and boots. They are adorned with precious stones, glittered  silver and gold clothes.

Flannel check fabric is combined with stylized colorful flowers on men outfits. The manhood seems to tricked by these peculiar style decisions but this does not stop the male models to walk proudly along the runaway.

A unique shirt stating “ I had nothing to wear so I put on this unique Moschino t-shirt” remind us of the ironic attitude of the Italian brand.


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Written by Fabrizia Sbrega

Interested in discovering new designers, observing everything beautiful and getting inspired by fashion photography, exhibitions, events and street style.

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