Matthew Miller

Autumn-Winter 2015/16 – Matthew Miller puts  out on the runaway  androgynous garments. Men and Women modelling with the same shapes, colors and textiles.

Tunics  hemmed with edges are one of the main themes of this Fall winter collection.

The designer alternates simple lined coats to studded leather jackets trying to maintain a light and casual style.

We found labels saying “Resistant” adorning some of the creations. The statement is always  on the heart side of the shirts maybe communicating a metaphoric message.

Matthew Miller decides to dress his audience without any accessory. Simple sneakers are completing the basic outfits. We see some swatch patchwork on some of them recurring also on few trousers pieces.

He goes for no prints, no particular shape or color.

Analyzing the texture choice this could be easily a Spring runaway. The designer did not choose any wool or thick material.

Once again, Matthew Miller expresses his vision of beauty as “ a moment in life, a sense of freedom”.


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Written by Fabrizia Sbrega

Interested in discovering new designers, observing everything beautiful and getting inspired by fashion photography, exhibitions, events and street style.

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