Street Fashion- Trendy Trousers

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Street Fashion- Trendy Trousers

New York str F13 121BNew York str F13 121

With a multitude of its shades utilised throughout this outfit, blue continues to be the leading colour of the colder period. Whilst the boxy suit jacket and underlying shirt are crafted in winter hues of navy and ice blue, the accompanying trousers introduce a third shade of blue. Created in cobalt with a detailed design, these tapered trousers and their snowflake-shaped print incorporate other elements associated with winter.

New York str F12 183  New York str F13 022

The seasons may be switching, but Spring and Summer stick around through these transitional, patterned pants. As the sun continues shining but the cold comes creeping in, these trousers keep you warm whilst maintaining the fun of the passing seasons. Worn with silky shirts and quirky accessories, deep coloured coats and winter boots prove protective and practical.

New York str F13 209  New York str F13 269

Channelling the haute hippie vibe, flared trousers are fundamental when taking on this years’ Seventies trend. Proving that proportioning is essential to avoid being frumpy, flowing flares are paired with shorter garments and structured tees, whilst fur aviator jackets, round glasses and fedoras bring in Boho.

New York str F13 130  New York str F13 130B

Combining green gingham trousers with a floral jumper, greets the cooler seasons with the fun of summer. Layered with a white fur coat and some on trend nudes, this look demonstrates that Autumn and Winter don’t have to involve an absence of colour.

Street Fashion- Trendy Trousers

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