Street Fashion- Staple Items

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Street Fashion- Staple Items

Paris str S16 110   Paris str S16 110b

A classic shirt and reliable pair of blue jeans are staple items in every Parisian’s wardrobe. Worn with stiletto sandals and oversized sunglasses, the outfit is dressed up through a patterned black and white jacket.

Paris str S16 142

Nipping in at the waist, this shirt and skier combination is made even more tailored through the button detailing. Crafted in a monochrome colour scheme, the outfit is given a sexy edge through the thigh high split.

Paris str S16 367
This take on the classic pinstripe suit sees both the clothing and the stripes becoming oversized. Comprised of contrasting colours and stripe sizes, this two piece is accompanied by an equally as bright handbag.

Street Fashion- Staple Items

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