Street Fashion – Quirky but Cute

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Street Fashion – Quirky but Cute

New York str S13 043   New York str S13 043a

With the floral graffiti providing the perfect backdrop for this outfit, this lady’s street style is both quirky and cute. Sporting a straight cut skirt, leather T-Bar flats and a peter pan collared shirt, the suede satchel handbag concludes this Alexa Chung-esque look.

New York str S15 264b

Combining a pastel blue pencil skirt with a crisp white shirt, this outfit truly embraces the colour palette we’ve come to associate with the months of summer. Whilst the colours and cut of the clothes create a look that’s demure and conservative, this look is given a hint of spice through the chilli print, tie on the waist and plunging neckline.

New York str S14 070   New York str S14 071

Resurrected from the fashion archives of the 1990s and established as a leading trend for this Spring/Summer, 2015 sees dungarees being reintegrated into the Fashion domain. Styled to perfection with a white lace top and a pair of stilettos, the finishing backpack and grey ankle socks help maintain a sense of youth.

New York str S13 294    New York str S13 295

Mixing patterns with prints and cashmere with crochet, this stylish ensemble presents the ultimate take on textures. Piecing together a geometric print tea-dress with a cropped cashmere cardigan, a European feel stems from the wedge espadrilles and crochet bag accessories.

Street Fashion – Quirky but Cute

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