Street Fashion- Pretty in Paris

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Street Fashion- Pretty in Paris

Paris str F13 317   Paris str F13 317B

On the runway the showstopper is often the look that is the most detailed or extravagant, but in life prettiness is often found in the simplest of things. Staying true to the Parisian’s love for natural beauty, the dress and shoes are crafted in classic navy and rouge colours. Maintaining a laid back look, the hair has loose waves whilst make up is kept minimal.

Paris str F13 309   Paris str F13 309B

Originally rejected in favour of braver and bolder shades. the undeniable versatility of the colour Nude has lead to it becoming a seasonal staple. Utilising the shade to its full potential, this flawless looks success stems from its use of separates. While the outfits main details are provided by a check patterned dress and a delicate white bow, edginess emerges through the unending buckles of the Versace Gladiator sandals.

Paris str F14 279   Paris str F14 280

Demure and elegant, this lady exudes classic femininity. Achieving a streamline structure by laying a pastel blue coat over a sheer shirt dress, a touch of modernity is gifted by the small gold chain and must have Chanel Hula Hoop bag.

Paris str F15 258

The fashion world is full of stunning creations and beauty, but when it comes to femininity and being pretty who better to turn to than Valentino. Covered in crystals, flowers and  intricate embroidery, youth and romance flow from Valentino’s tulle mini dress. Comprised of such a detailed design, accessories are minimal with gold bangles being worn alongside a pair of the designers sandals.

Street Fashion- Pretty in Paris

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