Street Fashion- The Perfect Pants

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Street Fashion- The Perfect Pants

London m str F17 155

Provide your body with some much needed comfort against the cold by opting for a pair of slouchy, cotton trousers. Accessorised by chunky, oversized scarves and streetwise trainers, layering can be seen to be adopted for both insulation and style.

London m str F17 177   London m str F17 178

In the midst of men’s fashion weeks, outfits like this take the styles commonly found on catwalks out onto the streets. Channelling last years pyjama trend with this souvenir jacket styled dressing gown, jacquard print trousers and patent loafers make sure the outfit is smarter but still stylish.

London m str F17 217   London m str F17 218

Luxurious furs and striped slacks blend to create a feminine, sport luxe style. The finishing elements of patent doc martens and braided hair also give it a militant-bad girl vibe.

London m str F17 211   London m str F17 212

Whether it’s the leather two piece or the defiant stance, this girl is cool and confident with it. Height contributed through metallic heels and holding that head high!

Street Fashion- The Perfect Pants

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