Street Fashion – Pattern Parade

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Street Fashion – Pattern Parade

London str S15 066    London str S15 066b

Braving the cooler weather in striking floral print trousers, this is one outfit that stands out on the streets of London. With the skinniness of the trousers and the collarless suede biker jacket providing a Rock and Roll edge, the simplicity of a cropped cashmere jumper, a simple gold chain and accompanying metal plated brogues create a sense of warmth.

London str F13 164    London str F13 165

Masculinity doesn’t involve compromising a sense of personality and style, as proven by this handsome gentleman. With the bowl-cut haircut, pointed shoes and striped bow tie bringing quirk to the ensemble, true beauty stems from the delicate needlework throughout the vibrantly printed tuxedo.

London str S13 030   London str S13 031

Made of a multitude of patterns, the simple colour palette is the success of this outfit. With short skirts and long sleeves contributing towards a layered look, Dalmatian print clashing with purple paisley and a jacquard print bag help develop a unique approach to fashion.

London str S13 069   London str S13 070

Spring/Summer months welcome warmer weather and with that comes the joy of going bare legged. Exposing some skin in this stunning Atlas-style printed Mac, the coat is made even smarter through the sheepskin, strapped leather bag and some classic Winklepicker boots.

Street Fashion – Pattern Parade

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