Street Fashion- London Calling

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Street Fashion- London Calling

London str S13 103 London str S13 103a

Tailored to perfection yet powerfully printed, androgyny has never been so appealing. A trend based upon the balance of the genders, this look presents typically masculine garments and shapes whilst effortlessly maintaining femininity through the detailed blouse and cropped trousers which expose the ankle and heels.

London str S14 005 London str S14 006a

Inspiring recollections of Emilia Wickstead’s Fall 2015/16 collection, this look is reminiscent of earlier eras and romantic. With its pale pastel palette and luxurious materials, this ladylike ensemble is given a modern edge through the Michael Kors clutch and some statement jewels. Finished with a pair of pretty pumps, the look is very much street-wise Cinderella.

London str S15 028 London str S15 029b

Customising a classic coat with an oversized but detailed collar, this ensemble is original and ornate. With the copper coloured embellishments giving the ruched collar a detailed trim, the lace up heels, shaped Princess coat and oversized round sunglasses subtly allude to the 1950s.

London str S15 111b London str S15 111

Fashion is often inspired by films and this outfit conjures up comparisons to Pulp Fiction’s Mia Wallace. With her sharp bobbed hair, sunglasses and bold red lips transforming this lady into a miniature Mia, her baby blue turtleneck and stripy flares also reflect Tarantino’s penchant for Seventies styling.

Street Fashion- London Calling

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