Street Fashion- Awesome Accessories

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Street Fashion- Awesome Accessories

London str F16 021   London str F16 021a

Dress up your jeans and tshirt with the help of a longer, bomber coat. Still the in coat this season, the outfit is styled with a side sweep, tinted aviators and patent heels.

London str F16 051a

A staple skirt and shirt combination is transformed by the horizontal red lines. Complimented by the red leather clutch bag, burgundy boots are used to finish.

London str F16 042   London str F16 043

Soft lace and deep purple shades make up this Goth Glam look. Draping the outfit with a fur jacket, the polka dot box bag gives the look a cute twist.

London str F16 093aLondon str F16 093b A black and white jeans and tshirt set up is contrasted by this colourful, faux fur jacket. Made up of a multitude of colours, it’s cuteness is complimented by the Charlotte Olympia Feline coin purse.

Street Fashion- Awesome Accessories

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