Street Fashion- Add a Layer

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Street Fashion- Add a Layer

Paris str F13 172   Paris str F14 549

Skirts and jumpers is a winter classic and these ladies also stay true to the Parisian’s love of navy jumpers. Considered a staple item in the French’s capsule wardrobe, the star print skirt and silky culottes keep the looks quirky.

Paris str F14 101   Paris str F14 101a

At first glance she could be mistaken for Kate Moss. Keeping it youthful with Adidas trainers, a staple grey suit is dressed up with a leopard print raincoat and a black patent bag.

Paris str F14 204   Paris str F14 205

Featuring an embellished jumper and floral stitch skirt, this outfit gains another layer of colour and texture through a striped cape. Customised with a fur collar, accessorises are kept minimal with pastel stilettos and pearl earrings.

Paris str F15 280a

Letting her Louis Vuitton bag do the talking, this lady keeps it classy through a rich colour scheme.Contrasting the burnt orange leather against deeper shades of navy. warmth is provided through the final navy wrap layer.

Street Fashion- Add a Layer

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