Why Do Bauhaus Watches Work with Any Outfit?

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The number of watch types available is immense. We’re huge fans of Bauhaus ones as they are minimalistic and chic. Originally from Germany, they took the world by storm. They go with any outfit due to several reasons. Another great thing about them is that they’re readily available, and luxury brands regularly try and produce them. If you’re thinking of picking one up, keep reading. We ran through 8 ways they work with anything you’re wearing.


Whether you’re new to watches or not, you probably know that timepieces come with all sorts of straps. The material on bands influences how well your timepiece will look. Not many people realize this, picking a watch with just any strap up. When purchasing a Bauhaus watch, you’ll notice that the vast majority of them come with leather bands. The leather is usually not engraved. This makes it simplistic. The closure on them is known to be simple too – they usually have tang buckles that aren’t bulky.

Bauhaus pieces are high-quality as they’re mainly made in Germany and Switzerland. This results in the leather used being soft on your hand. The quality of the material is obvious, elevating whatever you’re wearing. The thing is, you don’t get the straps in a multitude of colours – they are usually dark brown or black.

Minimalistic Feel

Bauhaus timepieces aren’t the only minimalistic devices around. We believe they do them to the best, though. The aesthetic was inspired by the German school of architecture that goes by the same name. Such timepieces contain wide dials that are solid black or white. They contain thin metallic markers too. They’d be dainty yet good-looking – who wouldn’t want that?

As mentioned, the devices are mostly made by Swiss and German watchmakers. The two are the very best in the world, so you’re getting a watch that would look like a million bucks. Even if your outfit is very simple, wearing a luxury brand on your wrist would do it up.


Timepieces can be huge. You’ll notice automatic watches coming in at over 43 mm due to the many parts in them. Bauhaus watches are all about being minimalistic, so they aren’t very big. That being said, their faces are wide. Having such a petite piece on your wrist is what you want – the focus of what you’re wearing won’t be stolen. In general, some of the smallest watches we’ve found have been Bauhaus-inspired.


Speaking of size, hefty watches don’t go well with outfits. They not only are uncomfortable to wear, but they swallow your wrist up. This would take your eye immediately away from what you’re wearing. As Bauhaus pieces have to be minimalistic, a lot of them come in Japanese quartz movements. This means no gears are present – so a slim timepiece. Some of them are automatic. However, they have movements that don’t have the most gears. We found that they don’t have that many jewels either. If you don’t know what jewels are, they are synthetic pieces of glass that stop friction from wreaking havoc.

Luxury Materials

Whatever you’re wearing, having a device that looks sophisticated is great. The simplest of outfits would immediately be elevated. If you’re wearing something extravagant, such a timepiece would add to how expensive you look, without doing too much. As you know, Swiss brands are fans of doing Bauhaus pieces. A lot of them love placing gold on their pieces. We’ve seen platinum and silver used on cases too. They add an expensive shine that’s not too eye-catching. Some high-end manufacturers are known to place the precious metals on Bauhaus watches’ indices as well.


Who doesn’t love a good chronograph? The feature makes life easier for everyone. It is a stop-watch. There are three or two sub-dials that read the seconds, minutes and hours passed. They are widely seen in the watch type. Chronographs are associated with classic living, as they’re seen in nautical and pilot watches. A lot of the time, chronographs are in-your-face. However, manufacturers dial them down for their Bauhaus items.


When a watch has a lot of craftsmanship put in, it will look the part. That’s why timepieces by Swiss and German brands are so expensive. Bauhaus watches are made with heritage. Many of them use methods that have lasted generations. The devices also contain mechanisms that were made in-house. Although not very minimalistic, some Bauhaus pieces have exposed backs. They are made from a hard glass or plastic – you can look at their parts in motion.

Dress Watches

There are countless watch types available. Bauhaus watches fall into the dress watch category. They are timepieces that are made specifically to look good. They come in great parts and movements too, but a lot of what you’re paying for is their appearance. Although they look minimalistic and have the standard dial, you could find a couple in different styles. Some of our favourites are Orient’s sun-burst Bambinos.

Believe it or not, Bauhaus watches aren’t too hard to come by. Even though German and Swiss brands do them the best, Japanese manufacturers have dabbled in the design too. You’ll be able to find something that would go with what you’re wearing.

Final Thoughts

What do we think about the watch type? We think it delivers timepieces that look elegant. They would do any outfit up. They are also not too eye-catching as they are made with minimalistic principles in mind – they have wide faces with solid coloured dials and thin, metallic markers. If you want to splurge, you can find a Bauhaus watch made from precious metal. A lot of European watchmakers place silver or gold in their cases.

Speaking of watchmakers, German and Swiss makers make them well. Bauhaus timepieces were inspired by the German school of architecture that goes by the same name. Having a timepiece with a luxury logo on your wrist would elevate what you’re wearing, no matter the style or budget. They look good and come with great mechanisms, but they aren’t the best for the outdoors. Your device will not be ISO 6425 certified.


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