What makes the most popular lingerie brands so profitable?

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Many women across the United States may purchase, and use, a number of different lingerie styles. From items that suit their daily life, to the gym or pool, and even to spice things up in the bedroom, lingerie can be rather important. However, you may wonder what makes some of these brands more popular than others. Turning a profit can be key for designers to continue manufacturing these wares. There can be a few reasons why some of the most popular brands continue to grow in both size and financial stability.

There seems to be a lot more positivity towards the different body types in today’s world than there was a few decades ago. Due to this, more and more designers may need to consider women who aren’t a stereotypical catwalk model size. ThirdLove has taken this notion of the different body types and tries to push it even further. Many women are familiar with the standard bra sizing that exists, and even how to fit themselves. However, it can be incredibly frustrating when one bra is too big, yet the next size down doesn’t fit right either. Having half sizes can help a company to be more inclusive of different people’s needs. In doing so, they may be able to increase their customer base due to a better fit within the cups.

Not all women want their bras to make them look like a model either. By stepping away from the male gaze, and instead considering the needs of the woman herself, some lingerie brands have been able to create and market some successful products. As an example, some of Kinflyte’s bras may not like they belong in a burlesque show but have received some good feedback from customers. Not having to deal with cutting underwire, or straps digging in can be rather refreshing. At the same time, this can still give support for both breasts and a woman’s posture. For many working women, this could be quite a welcome relief.

Unfortunately for some entrepreneurs, being owned by, or collaborated with, an already-popular celebrity can also give rise to profits. This may have been the case for Skims, which boasts Kim Kardashian as one of the founders. Due to this, a number of other celebrities could have been swayed to make their purchase. Likewise, it might also be feasible to believe that Kardashian may simply have asked her A-list friends to wear the brand on her behalf, thus raising its publicity. At the same time, the prices are fairly reasonable, which could help everyday people to be able to wear similar products to some of their icons. The use of celebrity influence may have a great effect on the consumer market.

Becoming a popular lingerie brand, and generating an impressive profit, might not be too easy to accomplish. To do so, it can be important to consider the needs of your target audience. However, having financial backing, or even popular status, could help to take the brand further.


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