Video: Fendi unveils ‘bag bugs’

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Fendi has released a minute long video which mixes finger puppetry, cool illustrated cut-outs and a smidgen of animation to celebrate its new bag bugs.   

Designed to look like mini-meteorites, the furry wee fellows don’t have pockets themselves but operate as cute accessories for Fendi’s luxurious hangbags. 

“Their viral invasion has finally come in,” says Fendi, as the little guys go on an adventure that includes automobiles, sailboats, silly squirrels, and a Moulin Rouge style can-can finale. 

The $700 accessories are made from mink and fox fur with a leather and silver strap to attach them (or chain them down, depending on how active your imagination is) to your bag. Adding to the monster theme, the video also features a luxurious Peekaboo bag with a pair of snakeskin eyes. 


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