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When studying at university it can be tempting to drop into a routine of takeaway pizzas, tracksuit bottoms and messy buns, but with so many student influencers out there showing how it’s meant to be done you need to up your game and make sure that you look good and feel great. Here are some of the ways you can stay on-trend even while you study.

Check Out Charity Shops For Surprise Finds

While it’s always tempting to rush straight to the department stores or fast fashion outlets, remember that charity shops not only give back to the community, but they also sell second hand products that are better for the environment, as they aren’t being thrown away. It can be surprising what people will give to charity and remember that even if something looks a little dirty and worn then this can easily be fixed with a quick wash.

Stay Up To Date With The Latest Trends

Keeping ahead of the latest catwalk developments is crucial to ensuring that you always know what to wear and how to wear it. Invest in a subscription to Vogue so that you always know what’s hot and what’s not.

Learn To Sew

Money’s often tight when you’re a student, so use YouTube tutorials to learn how to fix your old clothes or upcycle them to create something new that is not only on-trend, but also completely unique. By learning how to mend and alter your clothes you can solve the problem of turning up to a party only to find that several people are wearing the same threads as you.

Befriend Stylish People

A great way to ensure that you’re always looking fashionable is to make friends with people who own lots of great clothes, then borrow certain pieces from them. Consider staying in student accommodation that has large communal areas and lots of places to socialise, such as The Neighbourhood Cardiff, a property from Collegiate that boasts a private cinema, residents’ lounge and roof terrace, giving you plenty of space to meet new people.

Find Inspiration Everywhere

Sometimes it can be hard to think of new ways to wear your clothes or do your makeup, so try taking inspiration from the things you see or do regularly. Be it your friends or your favourite TV show, find something you like and try to theme your outfits around this.

Invest In Quality Staples

While some items like tops and socks can be bought cheaply, try to invest in quality essential items like handbags and shoes. If you can’t afford to buy new then look out for second hand retailers that offer quality, verified designer goods that have been pre-used but still look incredible.

Remember That Looks Aren’t Everything

It’s always great to look good, but remember that you’re at university to study, so knuckle down and work hard if you want to succeed. Being kind is also a virtue, and you never know when you might meet some of your fellow students again, so try to be remembered not only for your style but also for your giving and loving nature.

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