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Rings have always been one of the favorite ornaments for both men and women. Be it your wedding or a normal day, rings have a very distinct feature to add to your appearance. Wholesale sterling silver rings manufacturers create different designs of ring that would cater all your needs and would be suitable for any occasion. Ring is not only an ornament, there are various emotions attached to it. Different rings signifies different occasions and  thus are worn in different time. So, in order to help you out with choosing the best ring for yourself or your loved ones, here is a list of famous types of rings that you would get from Wholesale sterling silver rings manufacturers. Each of the rings also have some special meanings that would make your purchase more special.

Types of rings

Promise Ring– these rings are worn by two people when they give honor to a pledge taken by them. This type of rings is used as a sign to show commitment and is usually famous as the proposal promise rings. They have a huge demand among the younger people who are in love and wants to take their first step towards commitment. This is why you would find a varied collection of such rings in any Rings Jewelry Shop.

Engagement Rings– Diamond or platinum rings on the occasion of engagement has become really favorite among all. Bride groom has diverted their mind from the traditional golden rings towards more stylish diamond or platinum rings. But in the recent time, sterling silver rings have also made its place in the hearts of the people. They look classic and more like platinum, yet are quite affordable.

Wedding Ring– This is the most important ring that people exchange during marriage. People around the world gifts ring to their spouse as a promise to fulfill all the vows they have taken during their wedding. Being such an important rings, they should only be bought from registered wholesale who sells genuine jewelleries at the correct price.

Eternity Ring- As the name suggests, these rings are given to promise that the love will last till eternity. Jewelry manufacturers and wholesalers has confirmed that these rings have been in a good demand since a last few years not only because of their beautiful precious designs but also because of the love message that is attached to it.

Festive Ring- these are basically junk rings that are worn in festive season. They mostly have a big stone and are big in size. The color of the stones are usually matched with the dress are worn in such a way that both of them compliments each other. Buying sterling silver rings from wholesalers can be beneficial for you as they have a wide range of collections and if you have a big festival or party coming up, you can go to the jewellery shops and check them out.

Daily wear rings– Now these are something that we wear on a daily basis because we love to keep our hands ornamented. They have a simple design and you can find them on any Jewellery Store. They can also be worn to your office and would perfectly compliment your formal look.

If you are someone who loves wearing rings then you should definitely go to Wholesale sterling jewelry store as they not only have variety of collection but you would get all the rings at a very affordable price which is really great. The prices are affordable and they are a classic punch to your overall appearance.



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