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Hamilton is a Swiss watch brand that has American roots. It offers strong value through its timepieces that collectors appreciate and allure first-time buyers to try something new. This brand also crafts high-quality watches with rare classic styles and distinctive designs.

One of its most popular watches is the Ventura collection. It is a series of timepieces that stand out from the rest because of its unique shape. Richard Arbib, an industrial designer, was the one who thought of its out-of-this-world design that gave the Hamilton Ventura watch the popularity it has today. More so, this watch is the first electrical battery-powered timepiece and the most sought-after one of all time. It has a futuristic-looking and innovative design that many watch enthusiasts and collectors love. Thus, here is the list of the top must-buy Hamilton Ventura watches you should consider:


1 – Hamilton Ventura Quartz

The closest watch design to the original Hamilton Ventura launched in 1957 is the Ventura Quartz. It has striking similarities to the classic piece, like its patterns on the dials and shield-shaped case. This timepiece boasts a three-hand H10 movement, date function, and an all-black color scheme.

Inside it is the F05.111 caliber with 80 hours of power reserve. Its quartz movement comes in a pearled design and streamlined surfaces and runs at a frequency of 32,768 vph. Also, the dial along with the leather strap blend with various outfits perfectly.


2 – Hamilton Ventura XXL Auto

At 46 mm, the Hamilton Ventura XXL Auto is crafted for those with big and muscular wrists. It is the biggest watch in the collection, which uses the H-10 caliber. This timepiece features a three-hand movement without a date complication and up to 80 hours of power reserve. In terms of the design, this model has a subtle honeycomb grill patterned dial, and the top right corner of the dial has dark red accents for a pop of color. Additionally, this watch was worn by the characters of Men in Black, and some fans call it the timepiece of the galaxy.


3 – Hamilton Ventura Open Heart Auto

Hamilton decided to launch the Ventura Open Heart Auto due to the demands for an automatic version of the original model. The designers of this watch placed a clear window on the dial’s 12 o’clock position, letting the wearers admire the H-10 caliber with intricate snail and pearled patterns inside it. This model also boasts a three-hand movement with an 80-hour power reserve, doubling the power reserve of an average automatic watch


4 – Hamilton Ventura Elvis 80 Auto

If you are looking for a more modern version of the original Ventura timepiece, the Hamilton Ventura Elvis 80 Auto is the answer. It gives the impression that it belongs to a race car’s cockpit. Originally, this model was made to celebrate Elvis Presley’s 80th birthday, thus the name.

It is to honor The King’s contribution to popularizing the watch when he wore it in the movie Blue Hawaii in 1961. In addition, this model comes in a 44.6 mm case, and the dial has orange accents that mark out the minutes between 12 and 3 o’clock. And when it comes to performance, it also uses the H-10 caliber with 80 hours of power reserve.


5 – Hamilton Ventura Elvis 80 Quartz

This version is also made as a tribute to its namesake. What makes it different from the one listed above is its movement. It is a battery-powered watch with a 44.6 mm case. Similar to its mechanical version, it has the same catchy orange accents at the top right of the dial. More so, gray markers surround the dial from 3 o’clock up to 12 o’clock. It comes in a black rubber, leather, or metal strap. If you want a cheaper watch than a mechanical one, this is perfect for you.


6 – Hamilton Ventura S Quartz

For those who are fond of small watches, then the Hamilton Ventura S Quartz could be your best choice. This 24 mm model is the smallest among the watches in the Ventura collection. It bears a sophisticated black dial with a zigzag pattern in the middle and comes in a black leather strap to keep things classy. The F03.101 caliber is used in this watch, and it is battery-powered.


7 – Hamilton Ventura Skeleton Auto Limited Edition

Probably the newest and most futuristic Ventura in Hollywood is the Hamilton Ventura Skeleton Auto Limited Edition. It was seen in the movies Spiderman: Homecoming and Iron Man. This model features an intricate spider web-inspired skeletonized dial with indexes shaped like actual webs.

It can double as a window where one can admire its self-winding mechanism through its transparent casing. The movement used is an H-10S caliber with an 80-hour power reserve, the same as the other mechanical models in this collection. Also, it features a black rubber strap and stainless steel case to complete the watch.


8 – Hamilton Ventura Poggytheman

Hamilton collaborated with Japanese style guru, Poggytheman, to create the Hamilton Ventura Poggytheman. This timepiece comes in an almost all-black color scheme, with the leather strap, case, dial, and hands being black. However, to spice things up, the indexes and the pattern on the dial are colored pink. You will be surprised to see the backside of the leather strap in pink when you flip it over. The case back is also engraved with a portrait of the fashion icon.



Some may not like the one-of-a-kind shape of the Hamilton Ventura. Nevertheless, it is one of the most iconic and recognizable timepieces from across the globe. Thus, having a Ventura is like owning a piece of history. These Hamilton Ventura watches specified above show that this collection is worth buying.

The brand never fails to add personality and character to its products, making it one of the most represented companies in the industry as seen in several Hollywood movies. So if you are thinking of purchasing a unique watch with outstanding movement and design, the Hamilton Ventura is for you. Go to the watch stores near you and check out this elegant collection!


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