Top 6 Best Facial Piercings for Women

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Among the piercing trends predicted last year, there were many variations of facial piercings. Look around you today, and you’ll likely see that these trends have continued.

But if you’re new to facial piercing, you’re probably not sure where to get started. Where exactly does your nose ring go? Can you pull off multiple earrings per ear?

This guide will show you the best facial piercings for women who want to stand out from the crowd.

Here’s what you should try out:


1 – Nose Rings

If you’ve put off wearing a nose piercing, now is the best time to do so. You should consider investing in a great hoop nose ring.

This is a great way to stick out and is becoming more popular. While in the West it was once seen as a rebellious look, it’s becoming more normalized. It’s now a sexy look and will help you turn heads.

Make sure you own several pairs of nose rings. You want to have at least one gold and one silver nose ring.


2 – Multiple Earrings

Now’s also the time to consider wearing multiple earrings. You want to continue wearing the earrings on your lobes. But this is also when you can wear cartilage piercings. You can also get a piercing at the top of your ears.

With earrings, you can also get different styles. For example, you can get gold and silver earrings. You can also buy earrings that have gemstones such as diamonds or cubic zirconia.

You should also consider buying plastic earrings. These are more comfortable and can work well with casual outfits. You can choose different designs and colors with this option.

For the new season, you want to consider smaller earrings. While large earrings have their place, the smaller ones are what’ll stand out, paradoxically!

Ditch the plugs and stretch earrings and go for the studs or small hoops. Let’s now look at some of the more experimental looks when it comes to earrings.


3 – Tongue Piercings

This is a quick pinch and that’s it! Your tongue might swell for about a week but even this is rare.

Tongue piercings look like they’ll make a comeback, but you want to make sure you can handle them. A simple stud without any design or gemstone is ideal for a tongue piercing.

Make sure you also take out your tongue piercing when you’re not out. You want to also learn how to properly sanitize it. Make sure you speak to your physician on ensuring proper tongue health.

One major risk factor with tongue rings is that they can attract germs and disease much easier. Make sure you understand these risks before opting to get your tongue pierced.


4 – Eyebrow Piercings

You might be confused by this one. Perhaps even raising an eyebrow?

Eyebrow piercings are quite retro but they’re making a comeback. That’s because nostalgia for the nineties is expected to continue to rise. After all, the 90s was a time when we expressed our uniqueness.

Today’s age is more conformist and we hesitate to stand out. An eyebrow piercing is an affirmation that you aren’t afraid to be bold.

While there are many styles for eyebrow piercings, you want to stick to a simple stud. Choose a strong base metal and opt for a cubic zirconia rather than a diamond.

Make sure you take out your eyebrow piercing when you’re not out. This is also a piercing to wear on occasion. You want to give your eyebrow region rest. Wearing an eyebrow piercing for too long will tire you out in the long run.

This is a bit more painful. You want to make sure you work with an expert with several years of experience. You can expect swelling around your eyebrow for at least one week.


5 – Septum Piercings

Let’s return to nose rings for a moment. We’ve discussed the basic nose ring that you can wear through either nostril.

But what about that bit in the middle of your nose? The septum piercing has always been controversial. For most of us, we can’t pull it off and risk being referred to as a ‘bull.’

However, as the new generation is more open-minded, one can expect that the septum piercing will make its mark. Now is the time to get a septum piercing to see if you can pull it off.

Stick to a simple design. You want to opt for a gold or silver septum ring. Choose one that’s small and won’t weigh your nose down. This will take getting used to.

As with some of the other piercings on this list, you’ll get tired of wearing a septum piercing for too long. You want to take it out at least once per day. You can also go several days without wearing your septum piercing.

This is great for helping your nose heal from any pain. You might experience swelling for one week after receiving your septum ring.


6 – Facial Piercings

Aren’t these all facial piercings? They are, but we’ll wrap it up by looking at two piercings that go directly into your face.

One is a lip piercing. The other is a Medusa piercing that goes above your upper lip.

Lip piercings are great to add a flair of sexiness to your overall look. They’re bold and you can experiment with different designs. For a Medusa piercing, you want to stick to a small stud.

Make sure you take both of these out often. You want to give your facial muscles rest at least once per week.


Those Are the Best Facial Piercings

Now you know the best facial piercings to try. This is a great way to show off your personality.

The nose ring on your nostril should be at the top of your list. The hoop ring design is the best option.

You can try septum piercings if you’re bolder. If you want to experiment, get an eyebrow piercing or other facial piercings. Make sure you learn how to rest your muscles to heal from piercings.

Now you know how to stand out with facial piercings. If you really want to steal the scene, check out our other fashion tips.


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